Retainer – ship HRM

One Time HR Management VS Retained HR Management

We further realize that Clients needs may vary; it’s not possible to experience the same HR Management problems to all clients in the industry, therefore the needs for Retained HR Management is vital for Client satisfaction.

Retained HR Management

Here we offer you with a complete HR Management services throughout the year. We manage HR department and employees relations.

It is a monthly billed service, Whereby our HR Managers will assist any time.

The specific services includes:-

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Designing Compensation structure
  • Ensure legal Compliance
  • Employees background Checks
  • Perform HR Audits
  • Job Analysis and design
  • Payroll list and Taxes

Jobmakini Link (T) Limited (Jobmakini), Brings a unique way of fulfilling Clients needs in the world of Services of agent of manpower search and business consultancy. The Services which provide ample time for clients focusing to the core functions.